Car Shake When BrakingThere is nothing scarier than wondering if there is something going wrong with your brakes. Whether it is shaking or whining or screeching, if it is happening when you are braking it probably rightfully has you a little bit concerned. 

One of the main components and likely culprits of any braking problems that you are having is your brake pads. They support the other brake parts and are designed to be changed somewhere around about every 40,000 to 50,000 miles, depending on the specific make and model of your vehicle. Your driving style, the geographical location you generally drive-in, and the amount of traffic that you usually face may all play into exactly how often your brake pads may need changing. 

If your brake pads are starting to be worn out, there are some common signs that will give you an indication that this is happening. Look for these things if you are worried about your brakes:

A Squeaking or Squealing Sound

If you have brakes that are squeaking or squealing then it is a pretty good indicator that the brake pads need to be changed soon. At this point you are safe and no damage is being done, it is simply time to get the worn out pads replaced. 

Grinding Sounds

If you are hearing a sound that you would describe as grinding when you apply your brakes this is a problem. Your brake pads are completely worn out and the grinding sound you hear is the grinding of your braking mechanisms and your rotors. This is doing damage to the braking system and will cost you a lot more money to fix in the long run. It is a bad idea to drive your vehicle in this condition.


If you feel vibrations when you are braking it is likely that your rotors are warped. This usually happens because the brake pads were not replaced as soon as they should have been. This most likely means that your rotors will need to be replaced as well. 

Slowed Stopping Power

If you are noticing it takes you longer to stop than it used to, the likely culprit is low brake fluid. This could be due to many things including a leak or problems with the brake pads. You need to have this checked out immediately so that you don’t suddenly lose your ability to stop your vehicle altogether! 

Indicator Comes On

You can not assume the indicator light will come on any time there is a problem with your brakes, but you should assume that if you see it come on, then your brakes are in need of immediate service. Not having brakes serviced on time opens you up to damages to your vehicle as well as unsafe driving conditions. 

Having Brake Issues?

Brakes are as important of a component of your vehicle as to the engine. A vehicle is of no use if you can’t accurately control its stopping. If you are having brake issues or need brake repairs, visit Taylor Co Automotive now!