Cars are advancing and need less scheduled maintenance every year. That doesn’t mean they don’t need any, though. There are many key components of your vehicle that require regular maintenance to perform. Read on to learn exactly what your BMW service provider needs you to know about preventative maintenance.

BMW Cabin Air Filter 

The cabin air filter doesn’t just keep dust out of the cabin, it protects your vehicle’s inner components. Having your BMW maintained at Taylor Co. includes a physical inspection of your filter to ensure it is in good condition.

Airborne Contaminants

Your cabin air filter is responsible for removing all kinds of airborne contaminants from the air you breathe while you drive. Even if your car smells fresh, an expired filter can let pollen, dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and even algae thrive in your vehicle.

Preserve Your Vehicle’s HVAC System

A clean air filter doesn’t just keep you healthy while you drive. It will also prevent dust and debris from damaging your vehicle’s heat and AC systems. An expired/clogged filter will reduce air flow though the AC and heating system, potentially leading to overheating of the blower motor and early failure. Oils and Fluids Several essential BMW maintenance services involve popping the hood of your car. The engine oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid all need regular service to keep your vehicle performing at its best.

Engine Oil

No one will tell you not to have your oil changed regularly. However, following the ever-extending factory recommendations puts your vehicle at risk.

Why Intervals Have Been Extended

Engine oil change intervals have been extended because of improved technology. Synthetic motor oil theoretically lasts longer and degrades less. However, this doesn’t translate to actual performance in a vehicle.

Why Change the Oil Ahead of Schedule?

Today’s BMWs are seriously high-performance vehicles. These cars have tight engine tolerances, lightweight materials, and call for lightweight engine oil. Put these factors together and you can see why it is imperative that your engine oil is kept clean and uncontaminated. Clean oil is ready to absorb or suspend contaminants that result from fuel combustion and wear. Without frequent service, you put your engine at risk for increased wear and tear. We would much rather see you ahead of schedule than face an engine repair. 

Brake Fluid

Why Brake Fluid Doesn’t Last Forever

Brake fluid is essential for the functioning of your brakes, it transfers the effort you put on the brake pedal to the calipers at the wheels. Brake fluid absorbs moisture naturally from the environment. This is a normal occurrence due to the air that sits above the fluid in your brake fluid reservoir.

Signs of Contaminated Brake Fluid

The introduction of water reduces the boiling point of your brake fluid. In extreme braking situations the contaminated fluid can boil in your brake calipers resulting in gas, which is compressible leading to a low pedal and reduced pressure. As you can imagine, this causes reduced performance. Having Taylor Co service your BMW’s brake fluid at least every two years prevents:
  • Soft, unresponsive brakes
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Lack of breaking power

Transmission Service

The “Lifetime Transmission Fluid” Myth

While BMW transmissions come with so called “lifetime” fluid, this isn’t exactly accurate. Your BMW has a transmission manufactured by General Motors or ZF. These manufacturers have their own recommendations for maintenance. The service advisor at your BMW dealership, however, is only given the information provided by BMW: “lifetime” fluid. By the time your BMW’s transmission needs service, usually at 60k to 100k miles, the dealership is no longer responsible for the “life” of your transmission. Thus, the misleading “lifetime” transmission claim is born.

When to Service Your BMW Transmission

You might not see a problem with your transmission and find regular service unnecessary. Here at Taylor Co BMW, we would much rather service your transmission fluid than quote you for a re-manufactured transmission. The truth is that having your transmission serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendation (GM or ZF) is safer and more cost-effective. This regular service extends the life of your very expensive transmission.

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