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Why is My Ford Truck Shaking?

Truck Shaking, Spark Plugs, Engine misfires

  Have you recently noticed your Ford truck shaking when idling at a red light? Maybe it started out as a small thing, but now it’s getting worse. Is it something you should get looked at? The short answer is, Yes! A shaking or rocking sensation from your truck’s engine compartment, plus engine misfires is […]

Your MINI Won’t Start: Common Reasons Why

MINI won't start. Is it a bad battery, alternator, starter or just an empty gas tank

MINI is renowned for its quality vehicles. This is exactly why it may come as a shock when your MINI won’t start. This could be for any number of reasons, but it’s vital to remember that these vehicles are comprised of countless components working in unison to assure smooth operation. Your first instinct may be […]