Oil Change, Castrol Express PomonaWhen it comes to auto maintenance, an oil change is probably one of the first things you think you can put off or do “whenever”. However, scheduling an oil change is quick and easy, where delaying it can have serious consequences for your vehicle. At Castrol Express Pomona, you can count on us for a quality vehicle health check-up and a quick oil change that’s done right. 


When to Change Your Oil

Every vehicle will have a slightly different oil change interval. The interval length depends on the age of the vehicle, the type of oil it needs, and your driving habits. Most manufacturers’ recommendation is to change your oil every 5,000-7,500 miles. If you operate your car under “normal” conditions, you can probably follow this recommendation. However, there are some conditions that often lead to more frequent oil changes such as:

  • Only driving for short distances (5-10 miles per trip)
    • Severely hot or cold climates
    • Severely dusty conditions
    • Carrying or towing heavy loads
  • Frequent stop-and-go driving

If your driving habits fall into any of these categories, our mechanics can discuss an oil change interval that makes sense for you.

Other Benefits of Oil Change Appointments

Some drivers like to change their oil at home or top it up in between appointments. This can save you a little money and keep your car going for some time, but it’s important to have your oil changed by a professional regularly. A licensed mechanic doesn’t just drain the oil and pour in a fresh jug. 

Full Vehicle Health Check-Up

When you get your oil changed, your mechanic can inspect other common maintenance tasks that you may not notice during your daily drive. Your cabin air filter, brake lights, headlights, and oil filter all benefit from this inspection. Having these items replaced proactively can save you from more costly repairs or a fix-it ticket. 

Identify Unusual Wear and Tear

While you may be able to tell that the oil you drain is dirtier than the oil you pour from a jug, a licensed mechanic will be able to tell whether it has an unusual amount of debris in it or whether the oil level is unusually low. Debris and low oil don’t just create friction and damage the engine, these conditions can make it more difficult to keep new oil clean. Low oil levels often lead to the formation of “sludge” that does not drain during an oil change and dirties the new oil, requiring a full flush of the system.

Debris can also indicate that the seals and gaskets in your vehicle are no longer doing their job properly and allowing dust, dirt, and even small rocks into your engine. This debris ruins your fuel economy and damages internal components that are expensive to repair.

Having your oil changed by a professional at the recommended change interval includes an evaluation of your vehicle’s overall health. 

Why Choose Castrol Express Pomona?

The Castrol Express Oil Service offered by Taylor Co. Automotive Service is quick, easy, and done right. Taylor Co. Automotive has been in operation in the same location since 1989. We take pride in what we do and stand behind our work – that’s why we offer our famous Taylor Co. Lifetime Warranty. For an oil change and vehicle health check-up you can rely on, make an appointment at Castrol Express Pomona today.