starter, alternator, battery, MINI won't start. Is it a bad battery, alternator, starter or just an empty gas tankMINI is renowned for its quality vehicles. This is exactly why it may come as a shock when your MINI won’t start. This could be for any number of reasons, but it’s vital to remember that these vehicles are comprised of countless components working in unison to assure smooth operation. Your first instinct may be that you have a bad battery, alternator, starter, or that you ran out of gas. All of these are viable explanations that we’ll discuss in a moment.

Why Your MINI Won’t Start

Spark & Fuel

The two basic needs of a vehicle to begin compression is that it has fuel and enough spark to light the fuel. Without one, the other cannot serve its purpose, then becomes useless. Below you can learn about the most common issues that may arise which could cause your Mini Cooper to lack either spark or fuel.

Battery Issues

If your Mini doesn’t crank or cranks very slowly, the most likely culprit will be the 12v battery. They become weak over time for a multitude of reasons, but when they finally lose enough juice to start the vehicle, it seems to happen almost out of nowhere. 

It’s always a good idea to have your battery “load tested” when you have any other regular maintenance performed. A load test ensures that your battery is capable of producing the needed voltage to start your MINI. 

It can also be beneficial to make sure that the terminals on your battery are clear of corrosion, and rust. You can knock any buildup away with a wire brush and try to fire it up again!

Alternator & Starter

Though uncommon, an alternator malfunction is possible. Alternators are generators that are meant to charge your battery and keep the car running once it starts. If you replace your battery and it dies quickly, have the alternator looked at. It may need to be replaced!

Starters on the other hand have been known to go bad after approximately 100k miles. The tell-tale sign of a bad starter motor is when you turn the key over and hear a clicking. If you have the battery checked and it reads properly, or if you have the battery replaced and still have the clicking noise… You’ll have to replace the starter motor.

Plugs & Fuses

These can go bad for many reasons, but as part of the “spark” necessity, it is wise to check these regularly or have them checked by your technician.

Fuel Issues

Fuel pumps are a common problem in ALL vehicles, not just MINIs. The fuel pump ensures that the proper amount of fuel is passed from the fuel tank to the engine where it can be combusted to run the engine. A small flaw in your fuel pump could spell catastrophe for your MINI Cooper.

Fuel filters as well can become clogged, or dirty; which is their job, so at least you know they are working right! When they become full of debris, however, your car may have trouble starting. In this case, you’ll want to have it replaced immediately!

Where to Go if Your MINI Won’t Start?

For your MINI Cooper, there is nowhere else but with us at Taylor Co BMW + MINI Independent Service to make sure the work is done properly, and with pride, in the service you’ll receive! Since 1989, we’ve been proudly working for the community by staying up-to-date with the rapidly changing industry that we gladly set the standard in excellence for. 

One technician will service your Mini from start to finish, and each vehicle receives a test drive before and after the service to ensure the quality of the work. We also perform courtesy inspections! Let us show you the positive difference we can make to your MINI Cooper maintenance experience! Make an appointment today!