Leaking Coolant, Antifreeze, Cooling SystemA vehicle leaking coolant is an indicator that something is amiss with your cooling system. This vital system uses antifreeze to regulate the temperature of your vehicle’s engine. Without proper levels of coolant, it will operate less efficiently, or even fail. Left unattended, loss of coolant can and will lead to catastrophic damage to your car. Being able to recognize leak symptoms is an important step in getting your car the care it needs.



What Causes Antifreeze to Leak?

Bad or Worn Hoses

Antifreeze is the fluid that, when mixed with water, makes up the coolant in your vehicle. There are a few common areas that are the usual culprits when it comes to leaking coolant. The hoses that do the grunt work in moving that fluid through your car can become brittle with age, or the clamps holding them on can loosen or become damaged.

Thermostat Gasket

The thermostat that monitors temperature and helps to regulate it is also a common leak source. With age, the gasket can wear and allow coolant to leak past. The heater core is another spot where you might notice some fluid loss. This is in the dash of your car and the coolant running through here is used by your heating system to warm you up on those chilly January mornings. 

Outside Forces

The radiator is the main component of your cooling system and, because it is located at the very front of your car, can begin to leak because of damage caused by rocks or other debris.

How Do I Diagnose the Leak?

Ok great, how do I know if I have one? A common indicator is a sweet smell that antifreeze gives off. It is often noticed when turning the car off after driving. 

Puddles Under Your Car

You should investigate wet patches under your car. Coolant comes in a variety of colors, orange, pink, green, you name it. Dark brown or black is likely oil, dark red is tranny fluid. Any other color and you are likely looking at a coolant leak. We should note here that you need to clean antifreeze leaks as soon as possible. It is attractive to animals and is poisonous. 

Car Overheating

A sure sign that you are having issues with your coolant system is the car will overheat. You will either notice your gauge climbing or smoke billowing from under the hood. If you find yourself in this situation, get over to the side of the road quickly and safely and then shut your engine off.

Who Can You Trust to Repair Leaking Coolant?

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