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Auto A/C: Troubleshoot Your Japanese Import

Auto A/C, Common Auto A/C Problems, Leaking refrigerant, Faulty Cooling Fan, Broken Compressor

These days, driving around Southern California without air conditioning can be very unpleasant. Being stuck in traffic on a hot day without it can even be dangerous. If your body’s core temperature reaches 104 F, you can suffer from Heat Stroke. If the A/C in your car has stopped working, it’s important for your health […]

Top 10 BMW Road Trip Tips For Your Summer Travels

BMW Road Trip, Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Multi-Point Inspection

Summer road trips are a popular undertaking with car enthusiasts. Some people like to plan their whole trip down to the smallest detail, while others like to wing it and let the decision making happen on the road. Whichever way works best for you, one of the most important travel tips I can offer is […]