Wiper Blades, Wiper Arm, Rubber, Windshield streaksSummer is starting to wind down and temperatures are finally beginning to cool off. Fall is just around the corner and the perfect time to check out your car’s wiper blades. Windshield Wipers Maintenance may not seem like an important service, but visibility while driving depends on a well-functioning windshield wiper and a full windshield wiper fluid tank. Whether you drive through a cloud of juicy bugs on the freeway, or you get caught in a sudden downpour, being able to quickly clean your windshield is an important safety concern. Deteriorated wiper rubber, bent wiper arms, or insufficient wiper fluid can leave windshield streaks that can be distracting and hazardous when driving.

Windshield Wipers Maintenance

Manufacturers recommend you inspect your windshield wipers and windshield fluid every time you fill your car’s tank with gas. Thoroughly clean your windshield and wipe down the rubber blades with a moist paper towel to remove road grime and other foreign debris. If you have a rear window wiper, be sure to inspect and clean it as well, even if you rarely use it. Remember that rubber blades deteriorate from exposure to the elements, as well as from frequent use.

So, make sure to also top off the windshield fluid reservoir (see your owner’s manual for location). Windshield wipers usually last between 6-12 months, depending on your locale and general use, A good rule of thumb is to replace your wipers twice a year, when the temperature changes.

Windshield Wipers Components

When replacing windshield wipers, you usually only replace the wiper frame and/or rubber blade, The base and wiper arm rarely need replacing. Although windshield wipers can vary from vehicle to vehicle, but most windshield wiper components have the following similarities:


The base of the wiper connects to the motor which powers the back-and-forth motion.

Wiper Arm

The wiper arm connects to the base and provides a place to mount the wiper frame and rubber blade.

Rubber Blade

Some wipers include both the wiper frame and rubber blade as a single unit. However, some wipers separate the frame from the blade. wipers, allowing you to just replace the rubber blade.

Common Windshield Wipers Issues

It’s not uncommon to have perfectly working wipers one minute, and then the next time you go to use them, you have a windshield that you can barely see out of. Extreme temperatures (hot or cold), sudden temperature changes, excessive wear, and tear, or even not using them at all, can have a negative impact on the life span of your windshield wipers. Here are just some reasons why you should replace your windshield wipers.

Windshield Streaks

The wiper frame and rubber blade should conform to the exact shape of your windshield glass, providing a clean swipe with each pass. If you start seeing windshield streaks or spots on the glass, then there’s a good chance that the wiper blades need replacing.

Skipping or Bouncing

There are two main reasons why your wiper blades may skip or bounce on the glass as they swipe: The rubber blade has hardened or the wiper arm gets bent or damaged. A service technician can usually determine the cause quickly and get them operating correctly again.

Excessive Wear

Your wipers have exceeded their life span if the rubber blade edges are rounded off instead of flat and square. Another indication of excessive wear is when your blade rubber has missing chunks or has splits in areas of high use.


Just like your rubber tires, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause harm to the wiper blade rubber over time. If enough extreme heat and sunshine penetrates the rubber, the wiper blade may separate from the frame, becoming completely ineffectual.

Bent Frame or Blade

Rough handling, freezing temperatures, and even mechanical car washes can slightly bend a windshield wiper frame or blade enough that it can impede the effectiveness of the wiper.

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