Shocks, Suspension System, Fall Auto Inspection, Struts, Ball JointsWe all know that Spring Cleaning is a popular phrase in our world. But did you know that Fall Auto Maintenance is also a thing? It is the time of year when the long, hot summer days turn into shorter, cool days of fall. During this brief time before winter weather sets in, take the opportunity to schedule a Fall Auto Inspection of your vehicle’s suspension system. Your service technician can check the viability of the internal components, such as the shocks, struts, and ball joints. It is important to remember that your suspension system provides more than a comfortable driving experience. It is also a key safety feature of your vehicle. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.


Fall Auto Suspension Inspection

The first thing to remember when making a service appointment is to communicate your needs. Provide all the details and concerns about your vehicle to your technician so they can proceed accordingly. Here are some terms and descriptions that may help you determine which components need servicing.

Suspension System

The suspension system in your vehicle includes many components. Its primary functions are to provide a comfortable ride and deliver reliable steering. Your owner’s manual can provide more information about your specific vehicle, but here are some of the basics:


The vehicle frame, or chassis, supports the engine and connects all the various components and systems together.

Suspension System

The suspension system connects the vehicle to the wheels through the various suspension components. It provides both a comfortable ride and accurate steering responsiveness.

Shocks & Struts

Shocks and struts absorb energy and motion from the springs through dampers that use air and oil. Check for leaks whenever you get your oil changed.

Ball Joints

Ball joints work much like rotator cuffs in our bodies. They connect the control arm to the spindle and allow it to move in two dimensions. Some ball joints are sealed, thus being maintenance-free, and some allow grease to be re-applied when needed. Experts recommend inspecting the ball joints twice a year for wear or damage. They require proper lubrication to perform safely.

When Do I Need A Service?

In general, repairs or replacements to your vehicle’s suspension components will not be necessary until every 50,000 – 75,000 miles. Of course, this assumes you perform regular maintenance and avoid common hazards like potholes and off-road driving. 

Routine Maintenance

Check your manual for a suggested routine maintenance schedule for the various suspension components in your vehicle. Ask your service technician for more detailed advice. Discuss your driving style, the road conditions you drive on, and how often you use your vehicle. Together, you can establish the best maintenance schedule for your needs. Of course, accidents, road hazards, and unforeseen issues can occur, which may require immediate service.


Ride quality is how the vehicle feels as it drives on the road. Does it feel bumpier or rougher than usual, even on smooth roads? Has your vehicle continued to nod or bump up and down after going over a speed bump or pothole? If you notice a difference in the ride quality, schedule a service to troubleshoot the possible causes.


Vehicle handling refers to how well your vehicle reacts to your commands. Does your vehicle nose dive when braking? Have you noticed it pulling or drifting to one side when driving around a corner? In essence, if your vehicle exhibits resistance to steering, turning, or braking, then schedule a service.


Another thing to consider is a change in the appearance of your vehicle’s suspension. Does it look different when parked, like one corner or side is lower than the other? Is there excessive dirt, grime, or oil buildup on the shocks, springs, or struts? Schedule an inspection of the suspension if you suspect an issue.  

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