Wiper Blades, Auto Safety Tips, Rainy Season Maintenance, Windshield Wiper streaksWinter storms can drop a lot of rain here in Pomona, CA. Stay safe by following a few auto safety tips and performing winter rainy season maintenance on your wiper blades. Keep reading to find out how to eliminate windshield wiper streaks and improve visibility this winter.


Auto Safety Tips & Visibility

Driver visibility is crucial when driving in all weather conditions. However, winter weather can bring even more challenges. You can increase your safety and reduce auto crashes by performing regular inspections and routine maintenance on your vehicle. Here are a few helpful auto safety tips to help improve your visibility this winter:

  • Clean your windshield & wiper blades every time you fill your tank with gas.
  • Keep the windshield washer fluid reservoir full.
  • Never use the wipers to clean snow or ice off the windshield – use a scraper and the defroster.
  • Wipe away dust and other debris from the inside of the windshield to help reduce glare.
  • Repair any chips, cracks, or scratches in your windshield as soon as possible.
  • Clean fogged or hazy headlights.
  • Perform routine maintenance on the HVAC system to keep the defroster in good working order.

Wiper Blades: Winter Maintenance

In general, windshield wiper blades last about six months. If you use them often, you may need to replace them every three months. You should never wait more than 12 months to replace your windshield wipers, even if you rarely use them. Environmental factors can break down the wiper blades and cause reduced visibility. If it has been a while since you inspected your windshield wipers, now is the perfect time to perform a little winter maintenance.

Wiper Blade Inspection

Inspecting your wiper blades is a simple procedure you can perform yourself. First, is the windshield and wiper blade clean and free from leaves, dirt, mud, and bugs? If not, remove any debris and clean the glass and wiper blades with a damp towel or rag. Next, lift the wiper blade off the windshield and look at its condition. Is the rubber soft and supple? Does the arm move freely? Replace wiper blades that have cracks, missing chunks, or are obviously bent. If they still look to be in good shape, give them a test run. Make sure to test them using the windshield washer fluid and not on a dry surface.  

Common Windshield Wiper Problems

The windshield wiper blades should sweep the moisture from the glass quietly, in a smooth arc. If they do not, here are some common reasons: 

  • Streaking: caused by dry, cracked, or split blades
  • Skipping: caused by bent or curved wiper blades from disuse or other damage
  • Splitting: caused by UV damage, excessive heat, poor air quality, etc.
  • Excessive wear: If you use your wiper blades frequently, the edges become rounded and ineffective

Wiper Blade Replacement

Your owner’s manual will contain the factory-recommended wiper blades for your vehicle. It is a fairly simple procedure to replace them yourself. Alternatively, you can take your car to your favorite auto shop and have the technician do it for you. Most auto shops offer windshield wiper replacement during a routine oil change or other maintenance services. 

Castrol Express Oil Change & Wiper Blades

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