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Auto A/C: Troubleshoot Your Japanese Import

Auto A/C, Common Auto A/C Problems, Leaking refrigerant, Faulty Cooling Fan, Broken Compressor

These days, driving around Southern California without air conditioning can be very unpleasant. Being stuck in traffic on a hot day without it can even be dangerous. If your body’s core temperature reaches 104 F, you can suffer from Heat Stroke. If the A/C in your car has stopped working, it’s important for your health […]

Why does my Honda shake when I start it?

Honda Shake, Misfire, Spark Plugs, Vacuum Leak

There is only one reason why my Honda should shake when I start it. It’s because I have the radio cranked up too high. But if that is not the case, then there is a mystery to be solved. There are several reasons that can make your Honda shake when you start it. If the […]