Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Car Need Repairs?

If everything is working fine why do I need to replace certain items? Everything with your vehicle may be seemingly going fine, however, parts do wear down over time, and will break suddenly if not replacement. You want to be sure to get in front of the problem, catch it before it starts. Here are a few of the most common issues we see.

What happens if I have worn struts or shocks?

Worn struts or shocks results in reduced braking efficiency, causing stopping distance to be increased. It also increases risk of skidding, hydroplaning, loss of control when cornering, passenger discomfort, and snaking when towing another item.

What happens if my timing belt cracks while I’m driving?

If your timing belt cracks while you are driving, you may suddenly lose your power steering, your engine may overheat (causing permanent engine damage), or it may cause damage to your cooling system, thermostat, and radiator.

Why is it important to replace my radiator and thermostat at high mileages?

If you neglect your radiator and thermostat and they go bad, it could cause permanent engine failure, due to overheating or sudden loss of coolant, which could lead to an accident for which you would be liable.

What happens if my interior(cabin) filter is dirty?

If your filter is dirty, it could cause your windows to unnecessarily fog, obstructing your vision. This could also cause a smell in the cabin or mold to grow in the carpets and on the seals. The most common build up in an air filter is pollen. Excessive pollen build up can cause allergies. Dirty filters can also cause unhealthy air to enter the cabin, like SMOG.

Why Do I Need to Replace My Windshield Wipers?

Worn or broken windshield wipers can cause bad visibility during the nighttime or a rainstorm, as well as the early morning and evening hours, as the sun rises and sets. Windshield wipers that are broken can also damage the glass by streaking it, causing scratches that cannot be removed.

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